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Albergo diffuso

The Albergo Diffuso is not just a hotel, it is also a project to develop the surrounding area. The name “Albergo Diffuso” is a new type of tourist accommodation. The Robur Marsorum restructures and ses the already existing buildings, with breathtaking panoramas of the Gran Sasso and mountain range of Sirente-Velino, situated near the other houses, allotments and gardens of other inhabitants of the ancient village of Rovere. The project, which by trying to maintain the original structure, internal size, openings, the original materials used, the original façades, the original décor and traditional objects, has also been successful in combining to all this, the advanced quality and design of the technology and hygiene of today which guarantees maximum comfort all year round and offering the same advantages made by traditional hotels regarding bookings, reception, transport of luggage, cleanliness and assistance on guided excursions and sport activities.
What makes Albergo Diffuso even more important is the area it is situated in, which is characterized by a strong connection between tradition and the area’s culture.