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Rovere and its territory

Twelve months of magic, 365 days of enchantment in a land that has everything to offer. “Rovere”, which derives from the latin word “Robur”, is a word which states the diffusion of a variety of oak (robur) capable of growing even in the highest altitudes. Since the Roman times, this area was known as being a votive area along the Via Poplica-Campana which connected the city of Amiternum and Aveia Vestina to Alba Fucens. After having been a Benedictine farm, it took on the vital role of defending the local territory: it changed into becoming “castum”, a small community defended by a surrounding wall and a castle where still today, there are, remains on the hilltop where the village is situated.
Today Rovere is a village which can meet with the high standards of life and the high influx of mountain tourism.
The paving of the roads and the squares have all been carefully laid and after endless archeological work, the medieval castle has also been carefully restructured and the relics found there have been partly kept in the archeological Museum near S.Peter’s church.