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The tastiness of Abruzzese cuisine is well worth a mention. “Maccheroni alla Chitarra”, a typical first pasta course, is made from eggs and hard wheat flour made into a pasta dough and rolled out and cut on the “Chitarra”. Among the popular first courses there are also “Maccheroni alla molinara” and “Cannelloni all’abruzzese” filled with mixed mincemeat. Other equally delicious dishes are, “Sagne e Fagioli”, a bean soup with homemade pasta made from water and flour. When it comes to second courses, “Arrosticini” is one of the most popular. Made with pieces of diced mutton placed on a skewer, they are barbecued or cooked over live charcoal, as too are other types of meat like game and barnyard animals i.e. rabbit and chicken.
Another popular servine are the cold meats, salami and cheeses, “pecorini”, (sheep’s cheese) and the so many types of mozzarella and salami just waiting to be discovered by the tourist’s tastebuds.
Among the popular Abruzzesi desserts, known worldwide, there is nougat and Parrozzo, given its name by D’Annunzio himself. The variety present in Abruzzese cuisine calls for suitable matching wines.
The three most important Abruzzese wines are Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, a full bodied red wine, which as a new wine, has a clear and strong taste, whereas aged, it takes on a more noble and distinct flavour.
The Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, is a light cherry red wine (not rosé) and the Trebbiano is a dry, well-balanced, acidulous and frutty white wine.